B-Litter Jun. 2004
A-Litter Apr. 2004
H-litter Oct. 2005
E-Litter Aug. 2005
P-Litter Jun. 2007
O-Litter Apr. 2007
N-Litter Jan. 2007
L-Litter Oct. 2006
K-litter Sep. 2006
J-litter Aug. 2006
I-litter Apr. 2006
M-Litter Oct. 2006
D-Litter Feb. 2005
F-Litter Aug. 2005
Buying a kitten
The Jungel

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Available kittens



Expected litters





Here are our past litters:


   A-litter 2004           B-litter 2004            C-litter 2004           D-litter 2005           E-litter 2005





   F-litter 2005           G-litter 2005             H-litter 2005            I-litter 2006          J-litter 2006






  K-Litter 2006         M-Litter 2006           N-Litter 2007           O-Litter 2007         P-Litter 2007









Our plans


New litters are planed early 2007





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