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Buying a kitten


Here you will find generally information about Chetilas Bengal kittens. For generally information about the Bengal breed see the page about the Bengal (under construction)


On the kitten’s page can you see if we have available kittens?

We do ship world wide, we use  SAS Trust as airfright company, who have destinations around the world.

• Can I be an owner of a Chetilas Bengal
If you answer yes on the following questions you have the right attitude to be an proud owner of a Bengal cat from Chetilas

1. Are you prepared for the responsibility of owning an indoor cat?

2. Are you certain that no one in your household is allergic to cats?
3. Will you give the cat the attention and care it needs
4. Will you make sure that the cat will be regularly examined and receive vaccinations by a veterinarian
5. Will you make sure that the cat gets the nutrition it needs to stay healthy?
6. Will you make sure that the cat does not roam free outside.
7. IF you, for some reason in the future have to give away the cat, will you make sure that the new owners are following the same rules as you have been following?


• Reserving a Chetilas Bengal
If you want to reserve a Bengal kitten, you can pay a deposit of USD 500 to be put on our waiting list.
We have regularly kittes, so the waiting time should not be to long.

• Our kittens
We place our kittens in different categories, this maybe very difficult in the early stage, but we got a good indication during their firs two weeks after this they usually enter their “fuzzy” period and this last as long as 10 to 14 weeks.


• Show quality
A Bengal with show quality shall have qualities equals to the Fife standard 


• Breeding quality

We choose only the kitten who have what we think is the most important qualities regarding to breeding, here we see after bone structure, expression, size,
The way the cat moves, head shape, eyes and ears and hove they are set. Generally we want the cat to have the right “wild” expression.
Of cores is also the fur also important, rosettes, glitter, white tummy, no rib bares. 

• Pet quality
Kitten in this quality may have deviation from the standard, how makes it unfit to participate in cat shows or to be in a breeding program.
These faults maybe very difficult to see.
All our pet quality bengals are sold as Spay/neutered


• What’s the price of a bengal cat

A pet quality Bengal is from USD 1 200
A Show quality Bengal is from USD 1 700
A female breeding Quality is from USD 1 700
A male breeding quality is from USD 2 000


We feed our cats and kittens with Eukanuba Dry food, and our cats love the fresh smell of

Nothern Comfort cat ltter, wich we can highly recomend.



All our kittes are followed up by our helth plan,

      Chetilas Helthplan


• Socialization
Starts right after their birth, and the daily contact increase day by day, the kitten will early be used to contact to both children, adults and when they are 8-10 weeks they will slowly meet other cats. 


• Weight
The kittens are weighed every day the first 4 weeks, in this way we can control that they gain their weight regulary.   
• Claw clipping
We start to clipping claws when the kittens are 2-3 weeks, after this we do the clipping on a weekly basis.

• Deworming
The kitten get their deworming at 4th , 8th and 10th week
• Food
The kitten starts to eat regular food at 6-8 week of age.

• Litter box training
Starts when they are 4 weeks old, and they starts to use their litter box soon after, when they are delivered they are 100% houseclean.

• Vaccine/health certificate
First vaccine are given when they are 10 weeks old second vaccine they get when they are 14 weeks old, all kitten are delivered with a health certificate and pet passport


• Electronic tag (chip)
All kittens get electronic tag. 

• I am moving.

When I am 14 weeks old, I some cases the kitten can moves when he/she are 12 weeks,

All kitten are registered in Fife, on request we also can register in TICA


• When i move this is what i got with me:

Certified Pedigree

Health certificate
Travelling cage
My own carpet, with my mothers sent.
Kitten packed from Eukanuba, with my favourite food
CD with pictures from my upbringing
My good temper and winning personality.


All our kitten buyers will receive all the help and advise they need.


•  Chetilas warranty
We want to ensure that you as a kitten buyer shall feel secure that the kitten you have bought are healthy
With the following faults will you be provided with a cat at equal quality

1. If you have bought a breeding cat, and it turns out to be infertile.

2. If you have bought a show cat and it develops fault how is disqualifying.

We recommend that you take the kitten to your vet for an examination within 2 days. 

•  Chetilas can not guaranty the following
1. Exhibitions results

2. The number of kittens or the qualities of these in future litters.
3. If the kitten get sick from an infection from an other cat after it has moved from us.


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